Application for the 8th Annual Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival
April 3-5, 2009
The Barefoot Brigade announces an open invitation for performance applications for The Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival at The Bath House

Program A: Friday April 3 at 8 pm, Saturday April 4 at 3 pm
Program B: Saturday April 4 at 8 pm and Sunday April 5 at 3 pm

Admission: $15 General/$10 Students, Seniors & Dance Council Members
RESERVATIONS: Tickets sales are cash at the door, but reservations can be made in advance by calling 214-559-3993.


Barefoot Brigade members Armstrong/Bergeron Dance Company (Bryan/College Station), Mary Lynn Babcock (Denton), Beckles Dancing Company (Dallas), Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth, DBDTII (Dallas Black Dance Theatre II), Muscle Memory Dance Theatre (Dallas/Fort Worth), Phase 2 Dance Ensemble (Houston, Fort Worth, Denton), and 3Dance (Dallas) and adjudicated guests will present a diversity of dance styles in two different programs.

April 2009 Barefoot Brigade Festival Application Form


  • E-mail deadline for electronic copies of proposals – Thursday February 26th
  • POSTMARK DEADLINE for videos: mail in time to ensure ARRIVAL by Saturday February 28th
    OR – arrange to hand deliver to either Loris Anthony Beckles or Kerry Kreiman by Saturday February 28th
  • COMMITTEE will meet on Sunday March 1st.
  • Applicants will be contacted with results on Monday March 2nd
  • Confirmation of acceptance is due by Friday March 6th

Send application packages to:

  • Loris Anthony Beckles, Beckles Dancing Company
    Attn: Barefoot Brigade Performance Application
    P.O. Box 132865
    Dallas, TX 75313

OR to arrange for hand delivery CALL

  • Loris Anthony Beckles (to deliver to Dallas) – 214-886-2321 (cell)
  • Kerry Kreiman (to deliver to Fort Worth) – 817-922-0944 (forwards to cell)

For either party you will be unlikely to catch them “live” so be sure to leave a message and they will call you back to work out logistics for a hand off.

The Barefoot Brigade is a coalition of area modern dance professionals and enthusiasts working to improve exposure, accessibility, and economics for Modern Dance. Barefoot Brigade seeks to work alongside the larger community to develop the audiences, venues, and financial resources necessary to make North Texas a nationally recognized community for the creation and presentation of innovative dance works.

The company/artist’s work submitted must somehow fall into the category of modern dance/contemporary dance OR performance art with a strong movement element.

1) The Basics

  • The company/artist's work submitted must somehow fall into the category of modern dance, contemporary dance, or performance art with a strong movement element.
  • Time limit for adjudicated guests is 8 minutes.
  • Previously performed dances may be submitted for review, or new works may be proposed.
  • The applicant may be the performer, performing company, or the choreographer.


BBDF is almost a “VIRTUAL” dance festival in the pre-production phases. You must agree to be accessible through at least one e-mail address, and to check that address regularly and respond accordingly. We’re all very busy, and we don’t have the time or energy to chase you down  Please keep copies of all deadlines in your personal calendar and anticipate and plan accordingly.


Suitability and willingness to appropriately adapt your work to the BATH HOUSE THEATRE FACILITIES. Web Site:

The Bath House Cultural Center is owned and operated by the City of Dallas and sits on the shore of White Rock Lake. It has been in operation as a visual and performing arts center for over 30 years, but was originally the “bath house” for White Rock Lake. It is a lovely and intimate performance setting, but the facilities are limited in size and technical capability. Plan accordingly, and only submit a work which you are confident you can fit into the performing space. If you live in the North Texas area, you may want to make a trip to look at the theatre space prior to deciding what dance to submit. If you would like to arrange to see the theatre, call the BHCC administrative office directly at 214-670-8722

Fly space – There is no fly space.

Poles – There are 4 square pillars in a rectangular formation in the performing space, holding up the roof! The way it is structured, it is hard to plan this out very well in advance until you are actually there and experiencing a black pillar suddenly coming toward your face out of the dark! :) Roughly, the most usable part of the stage space is 18' x 20 ' – there is 13' in between the down and upstage pillars, with an extra 5' behind the upstage pillars. And 20' across. And yet, from the audience’s view, the space looks much bigger than it is.

Lighting capabilities – Tech time is limited and light cues need to be kept to a minimum. In addition, the ceiling is pretty low, and lighting angles are constrained by this. If your dance requires any special lighting or tech work of any kind, please indicate your needs clearly within your application, and we will try to determine the feasibility of your requests.

Backstage support space – Dressing room space and wing space is very limited. Large props and bulky set pieces can be difficult. Dimensions should be sent with your application if you plan to use any prop piece larger than a chair. Dressing rooms are immediately behind the back curtain to the stage, so performers must be very quiet during the actual performance.


  • The building is open to the public: Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00_6:00 PM
  • The building is open until 10 PM on nights with theatre performances.
  • CLOSED on Sunday and Monday (unless an alternative performance schedule is approved)


How to get to the Bath House Cultural Center: The Bath House Cultural Center is located at 521 East Lawther (at Northcliff) in Dallas. The BHCC phone number is 214-670-8749. To get to the Bath House Cultural Center: From Buckner Boulevard, turn west on Northcliff. Northcliff dead-ends into the Bath House Cultural Center, on the eastern shore of White Rock Lake. Yes, our address is 521 East Lawther Drive, and no, we cannot be reached using Lawther Drive.


Barefoot Brigade cannot compensate guest artists. Barefoot Brigade Members agree to cover expenses for advertising, public relations, promotion, printing, programs, theatre rental, lighting designer, stage manager, technical crew etc.

Guest Artists must be prepared to cover all other costs related to the performance presentation of their own work, such as transportation, costumes, music recording, set construction, etc.


Complimentary tickets are not available for any of the artists performing, including BB members. Comp tix are only available to relevant media and sponsors or arts funding panelists, due to an extremely limited seating capacity of 80 chairs. Instead, a limited number of discounted tickets will be available. Each company/artist appearing can name a maximum total of 6 people (across all shows, not per show) who will be allowed to purchase a ticket at a discounted rate of $10 instead of $15.

Choreographers and performers can sit in the audience as space permits and as is appropriate. Performers cannot go in and out of the audience during the show, but could choose to watch the other "half" that they are not in. Choreographers and performers should assume that they may need to stand on the sides out in the house, and should not take a seat until they are certain that all patrons have been seated.

6) HOUSING for out of town guests

BB will do our best to locate inkind housing in people’s homes or secure inkind hotel rooms for guest artists if at all possible, HOWEVER, HOUSING CANNOT BE GUARANTEED FOR ANY PERFORMER TRAVELING TO PERFORM IN THE BBDF. YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO ASSUME THAT EXPENSE, IN ADDITION TO YOUR MEALS AND OTHER TRAVEL EXPENSES.


Companies/artists may prepare their own lobby display on a standard size display board. This lobby display should include photos, your choreographer and dancer bios and your company history (if applicable). If you prefer that the BB prepare bios for you for wall display, please send those by March 15 at the latest.


Artists may video during tech and dress rehearsals. During the performances, we have limited camera space.


Can I rely on public transportation when I come to town?

“The North Texas area,” or the “metroplex,” or “the DFW area” or the “Dallas/Fort Worth area” is one of challenge for people used to cities with true public transportation. Think “spread out” – as in major, urban/suburban sprawl. You can’t do much without a car around here, and most things are farther apart than you think they are. In addition, the public transportation that exists is extremely limited and sporadic in schedule. Cabs can cost a fortune because of distances, but that’s if the cab even comes. There is no coast or major body of water that development has gravitated toward. If you are coming from out of town, you will want a car with you. Even then, you’ll be amazed at the amount of time you’ll spend in your car to do anything. The majority of the BB members have a travel time of over an hour one way just to gather at a meeting. If you are interested in checking out the bus and train schedules you can go to:

Can we become a Barefoot Brigade Member now? Or should we wait to apply?

BB will accept applications for membership at any time, but the response time on the application will depend on the timing of the next BB membership meeting. A $25 annual membership fee will be due after acceptance as a member.

Will the performances be reviewed?

Usually yes, but, of course, we have no control over that… and now that both papers have hugely cut staff and budgets, it is seeming more and more unlikely that we can count on a review.

The Dallas Morning News has more consistently reviewed this festival than the Star-Telegram has, however there have been years when both papers have reviewed. It is likely that only Program A or Program B will be reviewed by either paper since the programs are on the same weekend. Reality -- there is no way of knowing who will review what or when… Plus, with the current economic problems and the almost daily downsizing of our papers, we can probably only hope we will at least get some advance preview coverage…