Company Repertory Samples

". . . stimulating and splendidly eclectic. . . This vibrant young troupe crackles with urgent energy, while exhibiting solid discipline at every turn." - Perry Stewart Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Steps #13: Thirteens
(Gus Solomons Jr: 13 minutes)

This post-modern work by prominent contemporary choreographer Gus Solomons jr was acquired in August, 1991.

". . . like a prism being held to the light to display steps from a different angle and perspective." - Suzanne Levy, Washington Post

"This fascinating piece is a maze of entrances and exits." - Perry Stewart, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

(Susan Douglas Roberts: 7.5 minutes)

A highly kinetic dance that explores a variety of situations that create an edge for the performers -- either literally or figuratively.

"A fast-paced game of balance, flying, and falling." - Maura Troester The Reader (Chicago)

"...a delightful surprise ending after a merry dance around a suspended rope..." - Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Safe Distance
(David Dorfman: 13 minutes)

A group work by New York City choreographer David Dorfman, one of the hottest cutting-edge choreographers on the New York dance scene today.

" exploration of the movement of fear and survival." - Jean Reynolds Page, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"... full of intense physicality...Six dancers in blue pants and tops bounded through space like molecules in emptiness..." - Margaret Putnam, The Dallas Morning News

(Kerry Kreiman: 13 minutes)

This vibrant dance for five was chosen to be performed in the Dallas Morning News Dance Festival and the Several Dancers Core "Six Contemporary Choreographers" Concert in Houston.

"...moved from vicious angularity to a finale evocative of the variety of human emotions." Wayne Lee Gay Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

Family Portrait
(Sunny Savoy de Perez: 8 minutes)

"...featured three dancers gradually coming to life, Pygmalion-like, under a swinging pendulum, individually and collectively reacting to a larger world before turning to stillness." - Wayne Lee Gay Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Inspired by a portrait of three - a mother, father and daughter - and beautifully conveyed by Kreiman, Eric Salisbury and Alyson Jones, the work first captures the people in their unsmiling fixedness under a swinging overhead light..." - Ann Holmes Houston Chronicle

(Ellen Page Garrison: 8 minutes)

A lyrical duet set to an original score. - Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Severini Dances: 4 + Dance + Manifesto + Sea
(Terry Creach & Stephen Koester: 15 minutes)

Public premiere February 10, 1996

This quartet was created in collaboration with the Kimbell Art Museum's "Severini Futurista: 1912-1917" exhibit for Tandy RetroFest '96. Created by New York City choreographers Terry Creach and Stephen Koester, this project consists of 4 short dances inspired by the paintings of Gino Severini.

Written On The Body
(Susan Douglas Roberts: 8 minutes)

A dance for 5 women which features "neoclassical lyricism."

" Icarus-like idea that dancers are fallen creatures that once lew - they moved fast and swirled with purpose." - Ann Holmes Houston Chronicle

No No Nonsense
(Kerry Kreiman: 12 minutes)

A humorous group work set in three sections.

"...a vicious and hilarious take-off on night-club and television variety- show dance routines..." - Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Vivaldi Trois
(Dana Eugene Nicolay: 8minutes)

A lighthearted trio. "...down right silly...ingratiating..." Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Waltz of the Hemispheres, Right and Left
(Kerry Kreiman: 7 minutes)

"Hemispheres is a wicked send-up of classical ballet... It was a scream." - Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Voices Rising
(Susan Douglas Roberts, Steve Breese/Shakespeare: 10 minutes)

A dance/theater duet created in collaboration by CD/FW Co-Artistic Director Susan Douglas Roberts and director/actor Steven Breese.

(Kerry Kreiman: 13 minutes)

"Performed with balletic grace and precision by a large corps of women..." - Margaret Putnam, The Dallas Morning News

"...Kreiman can also be directly profound, as in her poignant Glance..." - Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

(Yacov Sharir: 18 minutes)

A tightly formed group of dances (two quartets; two duets) that honor the life of Heywood "Woody" McGriff.

(Kerry Kreiman: 14 minutes)

"...dancers...moved in magnificent ensemble... discovering hidden energies and emotions otherwise unsuspected." Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

(Susan Douglas Roberts: 10 minutes)

A solo set against Jennifer Conn's austere photographs of a deserted convent, this solo traces a personal journey -- a quest for a "safe place." Chosen to be performed in Several Dancers Core "Six Contemporary Choreographers" Concert (Houston).

(Kerry Kreiman/original text by the choreographer: 6 minutes)

A humorous solo performed to a poem about storytelling.

"Company co-artistic director Kerry Kreiman scored the tour de force of the evening with her Once, a work with no music but lots of poetry. With childlike confidence and wide Garlandesque eyes, Kreiman recited snippets of every childhood tale and rhyme imaginable, dramatizing every word with remarkable energy." - Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Much more complex in its irony, Kerry Kreiman's Once splices fragments from nursery rhymes and fairy tales (sample: "Thumbalina had a little lamb, its fleece was made of cloth") as she tangentially comments with shrugs, runs, jumps and wide eyed stares at the audience." - Margaret Putnam, Dallas Morning News

(Caryn Heilman: 7 minutes)

"...the five dancers in Fiesta appeared in clownish outfits of polka-dots and stripes and started off with runs and loose spins. They played leapfrog, cartwheeled, grabbed each other's wrists to spin madly and flew through space with carefree abandon." Margaret Putnam, Dallas Morning News

Organized Dances
(Kerry Kreiman: 10 minutes)

A suite of five short dances.

Waitin' For The Bus
(Kerry Kreiman: 2 1/2 minutes)

"...features five stoical briefcaes-toting men, one slightly out-of-step male and eight wild and crazy women who find all kinds of things to do with paper bags." - Wayne Lee Gay Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Instructional Instructions Test...
(Kerry Kreiman, Linna Roso, and dancers/ Text: 6 minutes)

"... a delightful duet with spoken accompanimentof poetically perverted instructions..." Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Reverie for a Friend
(Kerry Kreiman: 5.5 minutes)

This lyrical dance can be performed either as a solo or a duet.

(Kerry Kreiman/Cocteau Twins: 11 minutes)

"Brooding passion and intensity" characterize this solo danced in three parts entitled "heart in hand", "denial", and "floating".