"Get your dance on!"

a coalition of Modern Dance professionals and enthusiasts
...overlapping spheres, increasing exposure...
  Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, 2009
Program A: Friday April 3 at 8 pm, Saturday April 4 at 3 pm
Program B: Saturday April 4 at 8 pm and Sunday April 5 at 3 pm
Application for April 2009 Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival
Application postmark deadline for April 2008 Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival is: Jan. 14, 2008. Applicants will be contacted with results on January 21. Confirmation of acceptance is due February 1. PLEASE SEND YOUR MATERIALS FIRST CLASS POSTAGE RATE OR HIGHER TO ENSURE PROMPT DELIVERY.

Barefoot Brigade Mission and Membership Levels
The Barefoot Brigade is a coalition of area modern dance professionals and enthusiasts working to improve exposure, accessibility, and economics for Modern Dance. Barefoot Brigade seeks to work alongside the larger community to develop the audiences, venues, and financial resources necessary to make North Texas a nationally-recognized community for the creation and presentation of innovative dance works.

Our mission is to improve exposure, accessibility, and economics for Modern Dance through a coalition of professionals and enthusiasts.

Barefoot Brigade’s members will strive to develop a vibrant Modern Dance community that is nationally recognized.

Goal #1: Create a network for Barefoot Brigade members to support each other’s endeavors.

A) Create shared links and calendars on member web sites.
B) Develop cross-promotional methods
C) Share resources, expenses, and expertise

Goal #2: Collaborate to produce an annual concert featuring Barefoot Brigade members and invited guests.

Goal #3: Create a Modern Dance community that is recognized and supported by audiences, enthusiasts, professionals, and funders in the greater North Texas area and beyond.

A) Develop a collective voice for advocacy on a local, state and national level.
B) Educate funders as to the correlation between the study and pursuit of dance as it
relates to good citizenship and a well-rounded community.

Goal #4: Generate a greater public awareness and appreciation for the genre of Modern Dance.

A) Educate audiences and potential audiences about the value and beauty of Modern Dance.
B) Promote the accessibility of Modern Dance.
C) Create an awareness of the social and economic impact of Modern Dance.

Goal #5: Develop a Modern Dance community that is attractive to dancers and choreographers who might want to live and work here.

Goal #6: Work toward creating a separate non-profit organization for the Barefoot Brigade.

A) Increase membership.

Barefoot Brigade Artist Members collaborate to plan, finance, administrate, and execute the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival. In addition, they plan, finance, administrate, and execute all other activities and cross-promotional efforts agreed upon by the Artist Membership.

Barefoot Brigade Artist Member Requirements:

1) Contribute to meetings and brainstorm on how the organization is going to move forward in its policies and programs.

2) Agree to collaborate to produce and perform in shared concerts.

3) Agree to participate in cross-promotional efforts:

a) Establish shared links on member web sites.
b) Allow promotional opportunities for other Barefoot Brigade members at all
self-produced concerts. (e.g. flier or brochure displays)

4) Agree to pay an annual membership fee of $25 IF accepted into the coalition.

Barefoot Brigade Artist Membership Application Requirements:

1) Artist or company must have self-produced for at least one year.

2) Barefoot Brigade Membership applications must be approved by Established Members of the Barefoot Brigade based on previous work, commitment to the community, and shared philosophies. Established Members are artists who have participated for a minimum of one year in good standing. Current Established Members are: Beckles Dancing Company, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth, JAADE Dance Theatre, Peggy Lamb/Moving Connections

3) Artist Membership applicants must submit:

a) A cover letter and contact information for the artist/company, including e-mail address and phone numbers.
b) Videotape representative of artist/company’s work
c) Mission statement/philosophies for artist/company
d) Company bio/history and/or individual resume.

e) History of self-produced concerts, please include dates, theatres, city, number of performances, and repertory performed. Please include copies of programs for the last year – previous years can be summarized.

4) Artist Membership APPLICATION FEE: None.

(APPLICATIONS TO PERFORM ON ANY BAREFOOT BRIGADE CONCERT MUST BE PREPARED SEPARATELY, AND DO REQUIRE AN APPLICATION FEE. Companies/artists can send two separate applications for these categories at the same time.)

Artist Membership Applications should be sent to:
Loris Anthony Beckles, Beckles Dancing Company
Attn: Barefoot Brigade Membership Application
PO Box 132865
Dallas, TX 75313

While the majority of the Established Members are non-profit organizations, currently the Barefoot Brigade does not have its own 501 (c)(3) non-profit status. Until the Barefoot Brigade coalition is able to establish a separate non-profit, the organization will welcome members in two other categories:

Enthusiast Membership

1) Enthusiast Members are active volunteers in the organization and the programs that it produces. Enthusiast members are not participating as performing artists, but are serving in a capacity to support the organization and the Modern Dance community at large. Like the Artist Members, Enthusiast Members will pay a $25 annual membership fee to the organization.

2) Enthusiast Members can participate in discussions and execution of organization policy, fund raising, marketing, and more. Enthusiast Members are not voting members, and will not make artistic decisions regarding programming selections or acceptance of Artist Members.

3) Enthusiast Members are nominated for service by Established Members, or may submit an application for membership.

Applications should include a cover letter in addition to:

a) Contact information, including your e-mail address.
b) Personal statement regarding your interest in the organization, and areas of expertise that you have to offer.
c) Brief bio or resume, including a listing of past board and volunteer service, allowing us to get to know you better.

Applications for Enthusiast Memberships should be sent to:
Loris Anthony Beckles, Beckles Dancing Company
Attn: Barefoot Brigade Enthusiast Application
PO Box 132865
Dallas, TX 75313

Supporter Membership

Supporter Members are donors to the organization at a level of at least $25 a year. Supporter Members can choose to be listed in organization publications, or to remain anonymous.

Supporter membership donations should be sent to:
Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth
Attn: Barefoot Brigade Supporters
PO Box 11652
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Please make the check payable to CD/FW and write “Barefoot Brigade” in the memo line of your check.
If you prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate that in an enclosed note.
Donations will support production expenses for the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival.